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Canna Medis was born in 2017. We are a small family business - a working mom and dad with two small boys and a very busy life. A family with huge passion for a healthy lifestyle and natural solutions. When a problem occurs, we always turn to nature first. And every time it turns out that nature provides answers to almost every health condition there is, for humans or pets. Hemp is one of the most medicinal plant in the world offering many healing benefits for pets. It has helped our pets and we want you & your pets to enjoy all these benefits, too. We feel it is our mission to bring this ideal superfood to your home, for your furry little friends to enjoy a long and healthy life! We are here to offer advice and solutions that worked for us. We are here to inspire you, to give you ideas and to offer you products of the highest quality. We are here to make your journey through this life easier, so you can enjoy it all the way!


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Canna Medis

201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 288

Anaheim, CA 92805
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